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Grace Under Pressure...Social Skill Building

Blueprint for Happiness and Success:  What Science Has to Tell Us

Sunday, May 22nd 1pm-3pm

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Background Information:

In this 2-hour session, participants will be asked to take charge of their lives by stating clear goals for the future, believing they are capable of accomplishing them and mapping a blueprint for success and happiness.  Enthusiasm for YOU is the pre-requisite.

What we will learn about:  

  • What does the science of happiness have to teach us about our own lives?
  • What must you know to influence your chances of success at reaching your goals?
  • How do past experiences and assumptions affect your path to the future?
  • What is a blueprint for success and how do you create one?
  • What are the “secret weapons” against inertia and depression?

What’s in this for YOU—

  • Greater clarity about what you want
  • Increased confidence about what it takes to get there
  • Tools for increasing your chances of being able to attain your goals

Investment in You—

$39 for a two hour workshop with Valerie Stewart, Ph.D.

Who Is Dr.Valerie Stewart?  She is the managing partner in a company called Swan Institute, LLC, founded to help people attain their potential using what is known from social sciences.  For the past 25 years she has worked in both universities and hospitals to conduct research about health relationships and medical communication.  She has taught as an adjunct professor at UCLA, PSU, Pacific and Linfield College.  She also trains physicians in leadership skills as a certified facilitator and conducts research for a large health corporation in Oregon.  She is a wife and mother of two small children.


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